Nexamp’s home is the northeastern US, where they have been developing community-based solar solutions like these for over a decade. Nexamp’s Hudson Valley staff is not just here to help you go solar; they are actively involved in our communities.

Our Partner, Nexamp


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9,253,000 kWh | 700+ Community Solar Subscribers

Nexamp Community Manager, Yushi Kawasumi

"I’m here to help you participate in community solar, and also to get involved in what’s important to you."

Community Solar is Here

Sustainable Hudson Valley is pleased to bring a community solar opportunity to our region in partnership with Nexamp, a leading provider we selected during our three-year Solarize Hudson Valley campaign. 

 Please enter your zip code to see if you’re eligible and receive further information about the program.  

No annual contracts

No up front costs

No rooftop panel installation 

How This Works

Community solar is now available as a super-easy way for residents and businesses to get all the benefits of clean energy

While space lasts, electric utility customers can subscribe to one of our solar farms in Central Hudson and Orange and Rockland territories.


The solar farm feeds clean power into your electric grid while earning energy credits for our subscribers.


Those credits show up as discounts on subscribers’ utility bills, saving them up to 10% on annual electricity cost.



Do I have to install solar panels on my roof?

Nope. Nexamp builds and maintain the panels on all our solar farms. You don’t have to build, install or hook up a thing.

Am I eligible?

We’re currently serving most utility customers in Hudson Valley.  

Enter your zip code to see if it's available in your neck of the woods.  

How does it lower my electricity costs?

Your allocated share of the solar farm earns you energy credits as it generates power. So, you’ll pay us a discounted rate for those credits, and they’ll automatically be applied to your monthly utility bill.

Do I get two bills?

Yes (for now). We’ll send you a monthly statement for your share of the farm, and you’ll keep getting your regular electric bill (minus your earned credits). If you wish, you can sign up for automatic bill pay to simplify things.

Do I have to switch my energy provider?

No. You’ll still get power from your current utility—we’ll just feed our solar energy into their grid. If there’s ever a problem or outage, you’ll still get the exact same service from the exact same people.

How does the agreement work?

When you’re ready to say yes to subscribing, we’ll confirm your participation with your electric company and begin billing you for your use at the discounted rate you’ve approved. You can cancel at any time with no fee (for example, if you move out of the eligible territory).


Great! Let's see if you're eligible.

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